Ornella Trattoria

Ornella Trattoria

We cannot overstate the importance of food and family to our lives. This is particularly true in Italian families where most women are taught to cook for their families at a very young age. The table is a place where it all happens. We discuss our day; we share good news and bad news...it`s definitely the forum of all communication (although most of us were not allowed to talk while we ate). I was born in Torino and my husband Giuseppe was born in Salerno... From the "Bagna Cauda" of the Piemonte to the "Pasta di Castagna" of the Cilento, you can rest assured our regions are all covered. Our diverse menu shows our emotional attachment to the many dishes our grandmothers and our mothers have served for years. These are the culinary heirlooms we pass on to own children and hope these meals will be a link to the past or the beginning of a wonderful journey of food and family.

Our mission statement at "Ornella Trattoria Italiana" is to put as much passion in serving the public as we do our own family. We are committed to using the finest organic ingredients in all our recipes. Customer satisfaction is paramount. We have recently created a superb vegetarian menu to the delight our non-meat eating patrons. If a juicy steak is more to your liking, please check out our steak menu. We cater to a full range of gastronomic preferences and we pledge to make "Ornella Trattoria Italiana " a memorable experience for you and your family. And as we say at our house: "Tutti a Tavola prima Che si fa Fredda la pasta"


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